How To Choose The Best Laser Cutting Machine for You.

Laser Cutting machines come in all shapes, sizes and power outputs.  Choosing a laser cutter to match your particular requirements is not always clear and choosing the wrong system could cause you significant challenges in the future.  So, here’s how to choose the best laser cutting machine for you.  How to choose the best laser cutting … Read more

Cutting Ceramic Tile
Cutting Ceramic Tile

How Much Does a Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine Cost?

When I was recently researching to buy a new laser cutting and engraving machine, I discovered there were few resources online giving realistic price ranges for different types of laser cutting and engraving machines. For budgeting purposes, I needed to find out How Much Does a Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine Cost. Here’s what I … Read more

What Can a Laser Cutter Cut?

I’ve laser cut a wide and varied number of materials over the years, but not everything that cuts great with a laser is great to cut. So what can a laser cutter cut? Your standard CO2 laser cutter (up to 150W) is capable of cutting a wide variety of organic materials such as wood, paper, … Read more

What is a CO2 Laser Cutter?

When I first used a CO2 laser cutter, little did I realise just how flexible a tool it could be! Ideal for both industrial and home hobby applications. So what is a CO2 laser cutter? The commonest type of CO2 laser cutter is the Flatbed or CNC style laser cutter. This can be found in … Read more Protection Status Follow @laseruser_com