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Eagle stencil 450x300 1
How To Laser Cut Paper Without Burning

A commonly asked question I hear is “Can you laser cut paper without burning it?” With a little bit of preparation and the correct settings, it is possible to get your laser cutting paper without any burn marks. Resulting in a great, clean, scorch-free laser cut on most types of paper stock.

3d lamp puppy dog 450x300 1
How to Laser Cut & Engrave Acrylic

I was doing some samples for a job in 8mm thick clear acrylic, they needed to be laser cut with a polished finish as well as being engraved. Not always an easy combination and I realised that there is a lot of confusing and sometimes conflicting information on how to achieve the best results.

Laser cut delrin 3mm white belt buckle cropped 450x300 1
What Can A Laser Cutter Cut?

I’ve laser cut a wide and varied number of materials over the years, but not everything that cuts great with a laser is great to cut. So what can a laser cutter cut? For an overview of what materials you can cut as well as engrave with a CO2 laser machine, please read on for more information:

Check Out Some of Our Epic Laser Cutting Video Series

The concise rdworks learning lab home page 450 x 300
The Concise RDWorks Learning Lab Series

In this new series of Laser Cutting and Engraving Tutorials, Russ has condensed his knowledge and experience from the last 6 years to provide valuable information and insights into the purchasing, understanding, use, repair and maintenance of the Chinese CO2 laser machines and their key component parts.

K40 laser cutter xtreeem menu 450x300 1
The K40 Xtreeem Laser Cutter Series

If you have a K40 Laser cutter and enjoy the Russ Sadler laser learning lab video series, then I have a treat for you! Russ has focussed (pun intended) his years of laser knowledge and engineering expertise on a series of 6 videos related to the complete upgrade and overhaul of the standard 40W K40 Laser cutting and engraving machine.

Lightburn logo 450x300 1
LightBurn Laser Software Series

The Lightburn Software is probably the best generic laser cutting software available (I use it for almost all of my laser work). This series of Lightburn Software Tutorials, contain hints and tips as well as the occasional speed comparisons between it and RDWorks. My thanks to the team at Lightburn for allowing me to embed their videos.

Great Product Categories

Pump up the volume control panel white on red tall 500 x 367
Laser Cut & Engraved Products

In this Category you will find a range of laser cut and/or engraved products from a variety of materials such as Acrylic, Delrin, Mylar, MDF, Bamboo, Plywood, Balsa Wood, Card, Cardboard, paper, Acrylic Laminate, Greyboard, Polybak Ultra Laser Board, Laser Rubber, slate and many more.

0 100 watt laser power meter probe 500 x 367
Laser Equipment: Includes Lenses

The range of products available in this “Laser Equipment” category will allow you to test your equipment on a regular basis to ensure their continued health. These products will allow for quick and simple testing procedures. Check out our OEM Compatible mirrors and lenses for Trotec, Epilog, ULS & GCC.

Vinyl cut self adhesive vinyl logo bubbles 500x367 3
Cut Vinyl Decals: 100’s Of Applications

This Category includes a vast range of stock cut vinyl decal as well as the option for you to order your own bespoke designs. A cut vinyl decal is basically a thin sheet of self adhesive vinyl with a pattern or characters cut out of it. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and surfaces.

New Products

2 inch focal length lens in holder for trotec
Compatible 2.0″ Focus Lens for Trotec Speedy 300, 360 & 400

2.0″ Standard Grade CO2 Focus Lens with holder for the Trotec Speedy 300, Trotec Speedy 360 and the Trotec Speedy 400 Laser Cutting machines.

0 100 watt laser power meter probe 500 x 367
Mahoney CO2 Laser Power Meter Probe 0-100 watts

This Mahoney CO2 / YAG / Fiber laser power meter has a working range of 0 ~ 100 Watts and is used predominately in the the laser cutting / engraving / marking machine sector..

Premium grade 2 inch lens gcc laserpro focus lens wholder cartoon
Compatible 2.0″ Focus Lens for GCC Laserpro Models

2.0″ Premium Grade CO2 Focus Lens with holder for the GCC Laserpro, Spirit, Mercury I, Mercury II, Mercury III, Explorer, Venus, and X252 and X380 CO2 laser cutting machines.

Black on yellowgreen panel
Laser Engraved Panel Labels

Our Panel Identification tags are manufactured from Film-Stamped Impact Modified Acrylic, a more modern version of the industry standard Traffolyte.

Red white 5 valve tag 333x333 1
Laser Engraved Valve Tags

Our Valve Identification tags are manufactured from Film-Stamped Impact Modified Acrylic, a more modern version of the industry standard Traffolyte.

A4 stencil handle with care with logo 333x333 1
Stock Mylar Stencil: Handle With Care

Perfect for repeated use, our durable laser cut, Mylar “HANDLE WITH CARE” with logo Stencils are ideal when custom messages are key. Available in 4 sizes &, 3 thicknesses.

Vin ind csm 102 custom text vinyl decal 333x333 1
Custom Text Vinyl Decals.

Buy our quick and easy to apply stock Vinyl Decals, for long life applications, our “Custom Text” Vinyl Decals are ideal when custom messages are key. Eye catching and professionally crafted.

Vin ind ppy 55 fleur de lys window safety vinyl decal red 333x333 1
Fleur-de-Lys Window Safety Vinyl Decal

Buy our quick and easy to apply stock Vinyl Decals, for long life applications, our “Fleur de Lys Window Safety” Vinyl Decals are ideal for identifying clear glass panels and reduce the possibility of accidents.

Lotus flower decal blue 333 x 333
Custom Vinyl Decal with Graphics

Create your own quick and easy to apply Vinyl Decals, cut to your own specification and artwork. For long life applications, our “Custom Graphics” Vinyl Decals are ideal when custom messages are key.

Even More Great Laser Articles!

Dragon mandala stencil 250 micron mylar 450x300 1
How To Laser Cut Stencils.

If you own or have access to a laser cutting machine, stencils can be a quick and easy product to design and laser cut. I’ve been cutting and designing stencils for some time, with my online store containing over 100 stencil products.

Wolf in forest eyes 450x300 1
How To Laser Engrave Slate.

While browsing at a local store, I picked up a couple of cheap slate placemats in order to carry out some engraving trials. I had not engraved slate previously, so I then had to learn how to laser engrave state. Slate is a binary material when it comes to lasers.

30mm thick pe foam laser cut 450x300 1
How To Laser Cut Foam Parts.

Having recently purchased my first laser power meter, which came supplied with a handy container. I decided that the internal packing (bubble wrap) needed an upgrade and foam was the way to go. So, the first thing I had to learn, was the art of laser cutting foam. Discover The World Of Lasers

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