LightBurn Tutorial 10 – LightBurn Welded Names: Quick Tips

The Lightburn Software Series

The Lightburn Software is probably the best generic laser cutting software available (I use it for almost all of my laser work). This series has tutorials, hints and tips as well as the occasional speed comparisons between it and RDWorks. So let’s learn about Lightburn Welded Names!

My thanks to the team at Lightburn for allowing me to embed their videos.

Example of LightBurn Welded Names
Example of LightBurn Welded Names


A quick walk-through showing how to use the LightBurn Welded Names such as text, offset, and weld features to create a simple composited graphic.

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Transcript for Lightburn Welded Names

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0:00hey folks I’m going to apologize in

0:03advance for the terrible production

0:06quality of this video this is intended

0:08just to help a specific user who’s

0:10having an issue producing a graphic

0:13however I thought it would be useful

0:14enough for other people that it would be

0:16worth recording this and posting it for

0:18everyone so let’s go the user posted a

0:22graphic that looks like a large word

0:28like Nana or somebody somebody in your

0:32family who’s important to you and then a

0:34bunch of children’s names overlaid on

0:35top of it and the whole thing sort of

0:37welded together with the names not

0:40conflicting with each other so I’m going

0:42to walk through how I would do this

0:45using light burn so first I’m going to

0:48create the main word and we’re gonna

0:50make it fairly large because that was

0:53kind of what this user had she had the

0:57word Nana like this quite tall and then

1:02there were three children’s names laid

1:04over top of it these are going to be

1:07much smaller so I’m going to do these

1:09like this Andy I don’t actually remember

1:14what the names were so let’s do it was

1:25something like this those aren’t the

1:27correct names but we’re close and they

1:30were done in a script font so I’m going

1:32to use something maybe a little more

1:36interesting than that

1:38let’s try brush script okay so that’s

1:41actually pretty close so this is

1:45approximately the look that she was

1:47going for now what I’ve done so far is

1:51very very simple I’ve just typed the

1:53text and chosen a font and scaled it I’m

1:57not using any hotkeys or anything

1:58exciting like that for this I’m going to

Transcript for Lightburn Welded Names (Cont…)

2:03grab it from the middle here move it

2:06into the centre here and when you see

2:08the cursor change to that

2:10X that means I’ve snapped to the centre

2:14so we have the text snapped to the

2:17center of the big word then I’m going to

2:19grab the sizing handle over here and

2:22drag it and holding the control key

2:24makes it drag from the centre so I can

2:27get get things lined up close to the way

2:31I want now this is the tricky bit so if

2:35I have this layer set to fill and I do a

2:39preview right now so that’s up here on

2:41the monitor this button is the preview

2:43button or you can hit alt P either one

2:46of those combinations works we get this

2:50and if you zoom in you’ll see either

2:57double burn or you’ll see intersections

3:00where things overlap neither of those

3:02are what we want and in fact I was

3:05expecting to see intersections

3:07everywhere so I’m kind of surprised that

3:10we didn’t that’s why I’ve got fill

3:14shapes all at once this is the default

3:16setting and in fact I’m just going to

3:18reset this to the default completely so

3:20that we’re sure that everything is clean

3:22and then go here again now this is the

3:27effect that she is getting right now and

3:31not what you want so you can see

3:34everywhere that there’s an edge

3:36basically light burn toggles the fill so

3:40if you were to engrave this on something

3:43and you were trying to read this text it

3:46doesn’t show very well it doesn’t look

3:48very good so the idea here is to put an

3:52offset around this shape or around this

3:55text and then cut out the big word using

3:59that offset shape so what I’m going to

Transcript for Lightburn Welded Names (Cont…)

4:01do here is select my simple text or

4:05sorry the small names by just clicking

4:08go down over here to the offset tool

4:10click that choose an offset distance

4:14that’s appropriate so two millimetres is

4:17probably enough three millimetres eighth

4:20of an inch or zero point

4:22one two five if you’re working with

4:25Imperial numbers so you can see that is

4:28creating an offset around that text

4:31that’s fairly large so I’m going to do

4:33that I’m also going to set it to select

4:36the resulting objects that’s not

4:37necessary but it makes the next step a

4:39little easier click OK and now you’ll

4:42notice that that outline is selected so

4:46now we want to weld this new outline

4:52with the big text and that’s the key if

4:56I preview this right now we get

4:58something that looks like just as much

5:00of a jumbled mess as what we had before

5:02if we hold down the shift key and also

5:08select by clicking the big word in

5:10behind go over here and hit the weld

5:13button now you’ll notice that all of the

5:17edges or lines that went through the

5:21kids names are now gone so I’m going to

5:24undo so that you can see what it used to

5:27look like and then I’m going to redo the

5:30weld so you can see what it looks like

5:32now and notice the differences so this

5:35portion of the egg goes right through

5:37the D and the R if I redo the weld it’s

5:42gone so if you preview this now by

5:46clicking preview or Alt P we get fairly

5:51readable kids names overtop of the Nana

5:55graphic and if you were to engrave this

5:58onto a Tumblr or a cup or a serving tray

6:02or something like that it would make a

6:03cool keepsake that’s it

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