How To Get Your Laser Cutting Paper Without Burning

A commonly asked question I hear is “Can you laser cut paper without burning it?” With a little bit of preparation and the correct settings, it is possible to get your laser cutting paper without any burn marks. Resulting in a great, clean, scorch-free laser cut on most types of paper stock. So, how to get … Read more

Cutting Ceramic Tile
Cutting Ceramic Tile

How to Laser Cut Acrylic

I was doing some samples for a job in 8mm thick clear acrylic. They needed to be laser cut with a polished finish as well as being engraved. Unfortunately, it’s not always an easy combination. I soon realised that there is a lot of confusing and sometimes conflicting information on how best to achieve the best results. So … Read more

What Can a Laser Cutter Cut?

I’ve laser cut a wide and varied number of materials over the years, but not everything that cuts great with a laser is great to cut. So what can a laser cutter cut? Your standard CO2 laser cutter (up to 150W) is capable of cutting a wide variety of organic materials such as wood, paper, … Read more

How to Laser Cut MDF

When cutting any organic material such as MDF, you need to run at the safe maximum operating current for your tube.
Then you carry out some cutting trials starting at high speeds, gradually decreasing the speed until you are consistently cutting through the material.
I normally decrease the speed by an additional couple of mm/s to take into account any variance in the thickness of the material.

How to Set Your Maximum Laser Cutting Power % in Vendor Settings

Laser Cutting Power - Setting Max Power %

There is a lot of confusion over what the maximum laser cutting power you should set your CO2 Glass laser tube in order to maximise the tubes lifespan. What Do You Need to Determine Your Max Laser Cutting Power % There is one item and one piece of information you need in order to accurately … Read more

How To Make An Adjustable Laser Engraving Bed

Laser engraving is an amazing way to personalize gifts or create custom products. But for highly detailed or photo engraving, consistent focal depth is required. This is especially important when engraving natural products where the thickness of the material can fluctuate. Having an adjustable laser engraving bed or platform, will allow you to minimise any … Read more

How To Laser Engrave Slate

While browsing at a local store, I picked up a couple of cheap slate placemats in order to carry out some engraving trials. I had not engraved slate previously, so I then had to learn how to laser engrave state. How to laser engrave slate? Slate is a binary material when it comes to laser … Read more

How to Laser Cut Stencils

If you own or have access to a laser cutting machine, stencils can be a quick and easy product to design and laser cut. I’ve been cutting and designing stencils for some time, with my online store containing over 100 stencil products. So, here’s my solution on how to laser cut a stencil. How to … Read more

How To Use A Laser Power Meter

Having just purchased my very own laser power meter for my 50W CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine. I needed to to come up with a measurement procedure to ensure I use my thermal laser power meter in a reliable and consistent manner. So here’s my solution on how to use a laser power meter. … Read more

What Is A Laser Power Meter

I have been working with laser systems of all types for more than 10 years, but I’ve only recently purchased my own laser power meter. So, what is a laser power meter? A Laser Power Meter is an instrument that measures the output power of a laser beam. They typically measure average power over a … Read more

Lens Performance Comparison Data

What’s the Best Laser Lens to Use? All tests were designed and conducted by Russ Sadler: August 2021 Introduction I looked back to see when my obsession to understand how a laser beam and lens interact to produce a cutting effect. It surprised me to find that this love affair started in August 2018. Three … Read more Protection Status Follow @laseruser_com