How To Laser Engrave Slate

While browsing at a local store, I picked up a couple of cheap slate placemats in order to carry out some engraving trials. I had not engraved slate previously, so I then had to learn how to laser engrave state. How to laser engrave slate? Slate is a binary material when it comes to laser … Read more

How to Laser Cut Stencils

If you own or have access to a laser cutting machine, stencils can be a quick and easy product to design and laser cut. I’ve been cutting and designing stencils for some time, with my online store containing over 100 stencil products. So, here’s my solution on how to laser cut a stencil. How to … Read more

How To Laser Cut Foam

Having recently purchased my first laser power meter, which came supplied with a handy container. I decided that the internal packing (bubble wrap) needed an upgrade and foam was the way to go. So, the first thing I had to learn, was how to laser cut foam. So, how to laser cut foam? Use dot … Read more

How To Laser Engrave Photos

THE RUSS FORMULA FOR SUCCESSFUL PHOTO ENGRAVING Learning how to laser engrave photos is one of the more difficult, but rewarding activities you can carry out on your laser machine. Here, I go through the steps I go through to achieve the best possible results. Russ has revised his techniques and they are available in … Read more

How To Choose The Best Laser Cutting Machine for You.

Laser Cutting machines come in all shapes, sizes and power outputs.  Choosing a laser cutter to match your particular requirements is not always clear and choosing the wrong system could cause you significant challenges in the future.  So, here’s how to choose the best laser cutting machine for you.  How to choose the best laser cutting … Read more

How To Get Your Laser Cutting Paper Without Burning

A commonly asked question I hear is “Can you laser cut paper without burning it?” With a little bit of preparation and the correct settings, it is possible to get your laser cutting paper without any burn marks. Resulting in a great, clean, scorch-free laser cut on most types of paper stock. So, how to get … Read more

How to Laser Cut Acrylic

I was doing some samples for a job in 8mm thick clear acrylic, they needed to be laser cut with a polished finish as well as being engraved. Not always an easy combination and I realised that there is a lot of confusing and sometimes conflicting information on how best to achieve the best results. So here’s some … Read more Protection Status Follow @laseruser_com