Laser Video Tutorial Series: Cutting, Engraving, Equipment, Theory & Processes

CRDWLL 00 Introduction
CRDWLL 00 Introduction
Laser Video Tutorial Series
Laser Video Tutorial Series

The New Concise RDWorks Learning Lab Video Series

In this new Laser Video Tutorial Series, Russ has condensed his knowledge and experience from the last 6 years. Providing valuable information and insights into the purchasing, understanding, use, repair and maintenance of the Chinese CO2 laser machines and their key component parts.

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The K40 Xtreeem Laser Cutter Upgrade Video Series

In this latest video series, the K40 Xtreeem Laser Cutter Upgrade. Russ takes a generic K40 laser machine supplied by CloudRay and turns it into a micro version of his laser laser cutting and engraving machines. With a limited budget, watch and learn how Russ manages to upgrade the K40 to the K40 Xtreeem and achieve exceptional cutting and engraving performance for the cost.

The Lightblade Learning Lab Video Series

The Lightblade Learning Lab is a series of Laser video tutorials that Russ did for Thinklaser Limited based on using the Lightblade 4060 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine. Thinklasers Lightblade 4060 has a 400 x 600mm bed size and was supplied with a 60W EFR laser tube.

The Tangerine Tiger Video Series

The Tangerine Tiger Laser Video Tutorial Series where Russ has purchased a new 500 x 300mm, 50W laser machine from eBay with a view to modifying and upgrading it. In fact, he rips out the glass laser tube and high voltage power supply and replaces them with an RF laser source and PSU from Cloudray. Find out how the expensive RF laser source compares to a glass CO2 laser tube and prepare to get your hands dirty!

The Fiber Laser Learning Lab Video Series

The Fiber Laser Series is all about Russ’s adventures and investigations with a 30 watt fibre laser. Loaned to him by Dean at Lotus Laser Systems. Looking to engrave metal, without the fuss of using coatings such as Thermark, Cermark or Molybdenum Disulphide spray? Then this is the series for you.

The Lightburn Software Video Series

The Lightburn Software Series is probably the best generic laser cutting software available. I use it for almost all of my laser work. This series has tutorials, hints and tips as well as the occasional speed comparisons between it and RDWorks. My thanks to the team at Lightburn for allowing me to embed their videos.

The Complete RDWorks Learning Lab Video Series

The original laser cutting and engraving machine video series by Russ Sadler on his YouTube Channel Sarbar Multimedia. With over 230 videos and 4.5 million views. Follow Russ on his journey of discovery with his China Blue machine.

The Top Ten RDWorks Learning Lab Videos

These are the top ten RDWorks Learning Lab Videos ranked by average number of views per month. Protection Status Follow @laseruser_com