Welcome to the Online Shop. We are a global laser equipment supplier covering products such as the Mahoney range of laser power meters.

Compatible Laser Equipment Supplier

We specialise in a range of compatible mirrors, lenses and nozzle assemblies for leading laser equipment brands such as Trotec, Universal Laser Systems, GCC LaserPro and Epilog. Offering the same great quality, but at significantly reduced prices.

Laser Equipment Supplier - Compatible OEM Products
Laser Equipment Supplier – Compatible OEM Products

RF Power Cables

Check out our range of RF Power Cables for Coherent and Synrad laser sources. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, please get in touch and we will let you know if we can supply a suitable product for you.

CO2 Laser Regas – COMING SOON!

We will soon be able to provide a CO2 Laser Regas service for RF Metal and DC glass tube laser sources. Getting your RF Metal or Ceramic laser sources regassed can save you 1,000’s of £$€ against buying a new replacement from the OEM Manufacturer. Ask us about regassing Synrad, Coherent, DEOS, Rofin, Universal and Iradion laser Sources.

Laser Cut and Engraved Products

If you are based in the UK, we have great range of Laser Cut and Engraved Products such as Panel Labels, Valve Identification Tags, and a huge range of more that 100 stock Mylar Stencils.

Stock Laser Cut Mylar Stencils

We have a range of over 100 stock laser cut Mylar stencils covering categories such as Alphanumeric Stencils; Chalkboard Stencils; Coffee Stencils and Industrial Stencils. Our Industrial Stencils consist of Packaging, Parking, Property, Recycling and Warehouse Stock Stencils

We are also able to provide bespoke laser cutting and engraving to your specifications.

Cut Vinyl Decals

To complement our Laser cut Mylar stencils, we also offer a range of Cut Vinyl Decals for identification, informational, signage and aesthetic applications. Again we offer a bespoke service should you need something outside our normal product range.

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