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With Russ Sadler

In this Series of Fiber Laser Tutorial Videos. Lotus Laser have lent Russ a MOPA 20 watt fiber laser engraver to “play with”. Although Russ has a moderate understanding of laser technology (his words) and how constant power glass tube systems work. Pulsing fiber laser marking machines are shrouded in a deeper mystery than the glass tube machines.

They have been designed for high speed marking and the technology has been well tried and proven. There are limited “tricks” that the pulsing laser technology can perform. You enter predefined parameters for each marking “trick” you wish the machine to deliver , then stand back in amazement.

Most correspondents tell Russ that they have bought their machine direct from China and received a machine and EZCAD software, preloaded with a few default parameters. No other instructions beyond the EZCAD manual are forthcoming.

Fiber Laser Tutorial Videos
Fiber Laser Tutorial Videos

Russ states “I am neither a teacher or expert in this field so you join me in my learning adventure with the warning that I have a simple but inquisitive mind and will probably make mistakes on my way to discovering the truth.

I WILL oversimplify and maybe distort the scientific detail in my quest to build a simple picture of why and how this technology works. I am not trying to reverse engineer anything, just to break through the seemingly impenetrable “techno cotton wool” that surrounds this amazing piece of science.”

01: Introduction to Russ, Lasers and Fibers (58:33)

02: MOPA Matrix Test Leads to Understanding (20:59)

03: Light plus Aluminium and Water (23:18)

04: Fiber Laser Colour Marking (25:47)

05: Let’s Test Some Pulses (39:13)

06: The Search for Colour Part 1 (32:08)

Fiber Laser Color Marking: Steel Heat Affected Zone
Fiber Laser Color Marking: Steel Heat Affected Zone

07: The Hunt for Colours Part 2 (28:25)

08: Let’s Try the IMPOSSIBLE (03:54)

09: Let’s Zoom in on FOCUS (34:38)

10: Black Marking Clear Anodizing (25:17)

11: We are no longer Flying Blind (23:17)

12: The Search for Colour Part 3 (41:12)

13: Mining for GOLD (33:36)

Fiber Laser Engraving Metal - Various Achievable Colours
Fiber Laser Engraving Metal – Various Achievable Colours

14: Is this Fools Gold? (23:53)

15: A palette of Sparkly Colours (39:04)

Fiber Laser Marking Machine: A palette of Sparkly Colours
Fiber Laser Marking Machine: A palette of Sparkly Colours

16: Colours Part 4 The Rainbow’s End (50:12)

17: The Mysteries of 1 micron Wavelength Light (45:58)

18: Intertwined Parameters (53:00)

19: Back Reflection (01:03:31)

20: Photo Engraving on Slate (58:26)

21: Bubble Marking Clear acrylic (46:12)

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