How to Set Your Maximum Laser Cutting Power % in Vendor Settings

Laser Cutting Power - Setting Max Power %

There is a lot of confusion over what the maximum laser cutting power you should set your CO2 Glass laser tube in order to maximise the tubes lifespan. What Do You Need to Determine Your Max Laser Cutting Power % There is one item and one piece of information you need in order to accurately … Read more

How To Use A Laser Power Meter

Having just purchased my very own laser power meter for my 50W CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine. I needed to to come up with a measurement procedure to ensure I use my thermal laser power meter in a reliable and consistent manner. So here’s my solution on how to use a laser power meter. … Read more

Lens Performance Comparison Data

What’s the Best Laser Lens to Use? All tests were designed and conducted by Russ Sadler: August 2021 Introduction I looked back to see when my obsession to understand how a laser beam and lens interact to produce a cutting effect. It surprised me to find that this love affair started in August 2018. Three … Read more Protection Status Follow @laseruser_com