Universal Laser Systems

Universal Laser Systems is an American company founded in 1988. They consider themselves to have the most comprehensive product offering in the industry. They are considered to be a mid to premium brand.

Their Current Product Ranges include the:

Ultra Series: Model numbers X6000; R9000 & R5000, with bed sizes ranging from the Ultra R5000 (813 x 610mmmm / 32 x 24″) up to the Ultra R9000 (1219 x 610mm / 48″ x 24″). Available with a range of laser sources up to 300 watts CO2 and a 50 watt fibre.

VLS Series: Model numbers VLS2.30DT; VLS3.60DT; VLS3.75; VLS4.75 & VLS6.75, with bed sizes ranging from the VLS2.30DT (406 x 305mm / 16″ x 12″) up to the VLS6.75 (813 x 457mm / 32 x 18″). Available with a range of laser sources up to 150 watts CO2.

ILS Series: Model numbers ILS12.75 & ILS12.150D, with a bed size of (1219 x 610mm / 48 x 24″). Available with a range of laser sources up to 150 watts CO2.

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