GCC Laserpro

GCC Laserpro is a Taiwanese company founded in 1989, unlike most of their competitors, laser systems are just part of a larger product portfolio. Their products are high quality, although do not seem to be as popular as their American competition.

Their Current product ranges include the:

Laser Engraver Range: This includes the X252; X380; X500III Pro; FMC 280; T500 and MG380 Hybrid. Bed sizes range from 635 x 458mm / 25 x 189″ to 1300 x 905mm / 51 x 35″. Available with a range of laser sources from 12~120 watts CO2 and 20~60 watt fibre.

Laser Cutter Range: This includes the E200 Desktop; Venus II Desktop; C180II Desktop; Mercury III, Spirit; Spirit LS; Spirit GLS; Spirit GLS Hybrid; S290LS; S400 and the MG380 Hybrid. Bed sizes range from 510 x 330mm / 20 x 12.9″ to 1016 x 610mm / 40 x 24″. Available with a range of laser sources from 60~200 watts CO2 and 1.5kW watt fibre.

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