Pro 1.5″ Focus assembly for Epilog Legend Laser Series


Pro Series 1.5″ Focus Assembly for Epilog Helix, Mini 18, Mini 24, Legend 24TT and Legend EXT 36. The Ultimate Performance Accessory.

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Epilog Focus Assembly: This Pro-series 1.5″ Focus assembly for the Epilog Legend laser series, includes 3 nozzle tips. The colour coded nozzle tips, have different diameter holes to provide flexibility for cut depth penetration and quality. Their light weight design improves high speed engraving performance.

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The colour coded tips are easily screwed on and off for different material laser cutting needs.

  • Small Diameter Nozzle
    • Improved cut quality on non-metals, especially wood.
    • Focused air stream pushes smoke and debris out of the cut, reducing diffusion of the laser beam and improving the cutting process.
      • Reduced charring due to higher cut speed
      • Faster cutting and product throughput.
      • Reduced chance of smoke/fumes igniting
  • Large Diameter Nozzle
    • The preferred option for engraving; reduced airflow minimises the risk of particles being blown onto the surface when combines with a good extraction and airflow across the work piece.
      • Less smoke and debris settling on the Surface.
      • Clean-up time is reduced or eliminated.
  • Mid-sized Diameter Nozzle
    • Great performance option for jobs requiring both cutting and engraving processes.

The Pro-Series works well with autofocus. Simply unscrew the nozzle tip and back to engraving.

Package includes: (1) Focus Assembly; (2) Set of three coloured nozzles; (3) Air hose connection

Please Note: Lens is not included

Compatibility of our Epilog 1.5″ Focus Assembly

  • This upgrade assembly offers a simple path to improving laser engraving and cut quality performance, as well as increasing throughput on the Epilog Laser Legend Series models:
    • Epilog Laser Helix, Mini 18, Mini 24, 24TT, EXT36.
  • See our other models of this same product if you have the Epilog Laser model
    • Epilog Laser Radius, 24EX, 32EX and Legend TT Model 7000 and Legend Model 6000

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Physical Characteristics of our Epilog 1.5″ Focus Assembly:

Length: 1.5″ / 3.81cm | Diameter @ 1″ / 2.54cm | Weight: 1.1lbs / 0.5kg



Links to Epilog Operating Manuals 

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 cm


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Epilog Focus Assembly 1.5" for Epilog Legend Laser Series
Pro 1.5″ Focus assembly for Epilog Legend Laser Series