A Video Diary: RDWorks Laser Cutter Tutorials Series 03a

By Russ Sadler Introduction These RDWorks laser cutter tutorials are technically a video diary of my mistakes and successes as I gradually come to terms with the mysteries of owning one of these little Chinese dragons {Russ’s videos are also considered to be some of the best How to use a laser cutter videos on … Read more

How to Laser Cut MDF

When cutting any organic material such as MDF, you need to run at the safe maximum operating current for your tube.
Then you carry out some cutting trials starting at high speeds, gradually decreasing the speed until you are consistently cutting through the material.
I normally decrease the speed by an additional couple of mm/s to take into account any variance in the thickness of the material.

How to Set Your Maximum Laser Cutting Power % in Vendor Settings

Laser cutting power - setting max power %

There is a lot of confusion over what the maximum laser cutting power you should set your CO2 Glass laser tube in order to maximise the tubes lifespan. What Do You Need to Determine Your Max Power %? There is one item and one piece of information you need in order to accurately determine the … Read more

How To Make An Adjustable Laser Engraving Bed

Laser engraving is an amazing way to personalize gifts or create custom products. But for highly detailed or photo engraving, consistent focal depth is required. This is especially important when engraving natural products where the thickness of the material can fluctuate. Having an adjustable laser engraving bed or platform, will allow you to minimise any … Read more