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Our all new Rock On Ice Scraper combines practical and ergonomic design with superb ice removal performance. Meaning less time in the cold and reduced stress for your hands when preparing your car for the road on those icy winter mornings.

Manufactured from clear 6mm thick Acrylic, the product is a simple to use and highly durable product. When not in use, it takes up very little room in the glove box or door storage areas. At 106 x 147 x 6mm in size it will make quick work of clearing stubborn ice.

Why “Rock On” you may ask? Basically, it’s because of the way you use the scraper. As with the “Rock On” hand sign, your pinkie and index fingers are extended and your middle and ring finger are bent through the oval hole in the ice scraper, with the thumb coming across to cover the middle finger. Ideal for left or right handed use.

This allows you to precisely manage the amount of pressure required to remove the ice. As your hand is close to the glass, the amount of leverage and pressure required is less than that needed by longer handled alternatives.

The oval hole has been designed so that you can fit two gloved fingers through, while maintaining the strength of the product.

Why the Rock On Ice Scraper is better than other other brands?

If you search Google Shopping for the term Ice scraper, you will get hundreds of different products, but they can be splint into just a few styles:

  1. Multi use: these tend to combine a side brush to remove the snow and a scraper at the end of a long shaft.
    1. The issue with this style is that the ice scraping edge is a long distance from your hand and you are not able to get much leverage to get under the surface of the ice. You then use two hands to get additional leverage and end up snapping the shaft.
    2. Any product with a handle that’s held in your fist (think of how you would hold a sword), means you have to twist your wrist to get the scraping edge flat to the surface of the glass.
    3. These products tend to be long and not easy to store in the car
  2. Long handled, with or without squeegee blade.
    1. Same issue as 1B above
    2. If you have removed the ice from the glass and removed any ice on the wiper blades, then the squeegee isn’t really needed as the wipers will do a much better job.
  3. Cone shaped
    1. This product is more suitable for clearing snow than ice. It does allow you to apply direct pressure to the screen. However there is a large surface area in contact with the screen meaning that it can be difficult to get started on stubborn ice.
  4. Small flat plastic ices scrapers
    1. These are usually held in the fingers and rely on your fingers being strong enough to put sufficient pressure to remove the ice.
    2. The plastic tends to be lower grade and does not offer a sharp long lasting edge.

The Rock On Ice Scraper is held in the palm of your hand meaning you do not have to contort your wrist to make contact with the ice. This also allows for the scraping edge to make contacts with the ice at a shallow angle, meaning all the force is going into the forward motion and not into the glass surface. All in all, it clears the glass quicker and allows you to get moving quickly too.

Home Use

While this product has been designed specifically for the task of scraping ice from vehicles, it can also be used to remove stubborn residue from glass surfaces and other flat hard surfaces. I regularly use it on my halogen hob and kitchen worktops to scrape off dried on spillages. When using the Rock On Ice / Glass Scraper on any new surface, test it on an inconspicuous area first to ensure the acrylic is not harder than the surface allowing it to potentially scratch the surface.


  • Easy to use, especially with gloves.
  • Rounded corners to protect trim from damage
  • Wide front “Scraping Blade Edge” 9cm / 3.5″
  • Left or right handed use
  • Ice scraping slot for your wiper blades
  • Durable and compact.
  • Free key ring with logo

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material with outstanding strength, stiffness and optical clarity. It has superior weathering properties compared to many other transparent plastics.

This Acrylic product has a thickness tolerance of 6mm Plus or Minus 1mm.

The Manufacturing process has been optimised to obtain a 92% material utilisation, reducing excessive waste.

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