3D Lamps are far more special than standard LED lighting. Our 3D lamp solutions at their most basic format, include an LED base which is capable of multiple colours, flashing mode and smooth transition modes and a 4mm thick clear cast acrylic sheet. The acrylic sheet is laser engraved with the image of your choice and the sheet is then laser cut to the required outline.

Due to the optical properties of Cast Acrylic, when a light source is projected through an edge, the light catches the engraved sections on the surface of the acrylic and causes them to light up, giving a glowing image. If the LED light changes colour the images changes to match the LED colour.

The images achievable are limited only by your imagination and can vary from simple line art of your favourite interests to complex three dimensional images to full photo engraving.

The light given off is a soft glow, making them ideal for ambient lighting in bedrooms and utility rooms. The LED bases use efficient LED light sources and can be powered by either 3 x AA batteries or a 5V micro USB cable.

Please Note: Currently we only ship 3D Lamp Products within the United Kingdom.


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