Laser Engraved Panel Labels



Our Laser Engraved Panel Labels and Panel Identification tags are manufactured from Film-Stamped Impact Modified Acrylic, a more modern version of the industry standard Traffolyte.

Basically, two different coloured layers of acrylic are bonded, a thin top layer over a thicker base layer. Our standard thickness is 1.5mm / 0.059″, but 3mm / 0.12″ thickness is available as a custom option. The base material was tested for flammability by the Underwriters Laboratories and is rated 94 HB on the UL 94 test.

Using a laser to remove the top layer, reveals the different coloured substrate. The flexibility of the laser cutting and engraving process means that different text, information and serialisation can be easily added.

Ideal for use as electrical panel labels breaker panel labels.

Supplied with two 4mm diameter holes.


  • Single line Alpha Numeric
  • 2 Lines Alpha Numeric
  • 3 Lines Alpha Numeric
  • Custom: Supply your text requirements in CSV file format.
  • QR Codes: Supply your text requirements in CSV file format

Good chemical stability and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

We have six Standard colours combinations available:

  • Black with white text | Commonly used for Waste Effluents
  • Green with white text | Commonly used for Potable Water
  • Red with white text | Commonly used for Sprinkler or Firefighting Systems
  • Yellow with black text | Commonly used for Gases
  • Blue with white text
  • White with black text

Let us know if you need something different.

Additional information

Weight 0.99 kg
Dimensions 22.9 × 16.2 × 0.5 cm


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