Performance Laser Cutting Nozzle for Chinese Laser Systems – 2.5″ / 63.5mm Lens


Performance Laser Cutting Nozzle for Chinese Built Laser Systems, compatible with existing Type C (24mm diameter) and Type E (25mm diameter) lens tube systems.

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Performance Laser Cutting Nozzle: Enhance the cutting performance of your laser tube by optimising the laser beam / material interaction with a state-of-the-art lens tube and nozzle assembly for your Chinese Laser Machine. This assembly amplifies the air assist characteristics and allows you to fine tune the way smoke and debris are removed from the beam path and material cut.

When cutting organic materials such as wood, the key to achieving clean, consistent and deep laser cuts is controlling the interaction of the smoke and debris with the laser beam. If smoke and debris interfere with the laser beam, the beam becomes diffused and loses it’s intensity.

This can also result in safety issues as the cutting speed is usually reduced to compensate for the perceived loss of power resulting in the smoke catching fire and producing a comet tail at the work surface.

The key characteristics to control are:

  1. The air assist velocity (higher velocity will eject smoke and debris quicker).
  2. The air assist direction (blowing directly into the laser cut will eject smoke and debris quicker).
  3. The distance of the nozzle from the material surface (the closer the nozzle is to the material surface, the less chance the air assist “cone” will have to expand and reduce it’s performance).

To effectively manage these key characteristics, the Performance Cutting Nozzle has:

  1. A small exit hole to accelerate the air towards the material.
  2. It converts the air flow from a variable puff-puff flow to a constant stream.
  3. A variable height adjustment (standoff from material) that is independent to the lens and allows you to intensify the air flow to where it is needed.

The Benefits

You will see an increase in cutting performance allowing you to increase cutting speeds and reduce manufacturing time. It also has the benefit of reducing wear and tear on the laser tube as it does the same job in a shorter time.

Smoke and debris are blown clear of the surface and carried away by your fume extraction system, meaning less contamination of the surface and a cleaner product at the end of the laser cutting process.

The Performance laser cutting nozzle is flexible enough to allow you to optimise it’s settings for times you need to both cut and engrave on the same job.

Not all materials cut deeper with high air assist; acrylic for example can cool down quickly, resulting in reduced cutting depth and a scalloped edge. Raising the nozzle standoff height will minimise these issues.

Check out this great post: Let’s Get Laser Cutting – Laser Cutting Parameters

Will it Fit My Laser Machine?

It Fits any Chinese Laser Machine; Such as Weike, Hurricane Lasers, Boss Laser, Morntech, Beyond Laser, Glory Laser, Thinklaser (UK), Golden Laser, and many more. Works with existing Type C (24mm diameter) and Type E (25mm diameter) lens tube systems.

Is It Easy To Fit?

One minute installation: First, remove the current focus head assembly by removing the air line and loosening the height adjustment and removing the red dot pointer (if provided). Next, insert the new focus head shaft, insert the air tube into the quick connect, and screw in the red dot pointer bracket (if provided).

It Sounds Great, But I Have An Expensive Western Laser System

For American and other Western laser machines – ask about our retrofit kits for Epilog Lasers, Universal Laser Systems, Xenetech Lasers, and more.

Contents of our Performance Laser Cutting Nozzle:

  • Quantity one, laser focus head upgrade accessory;
  • Quantity one, focus lens 2.5 inch / 63.5mm ZnSe Plano Convex;
  • Quantity one, lens adjustment tool;
  • Printed Instructions

Physical Characteristics:

Length: 2.5″ / 6.35cm | Diameter @ 1″ / 2.54cm | Weight: 1.1lbs / 0.5kg



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Weight 0.5 kg
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Performance cutting nozzle for chinese laser systems -2. 5" / 63. 5mm lens
Performance Laser Cutting Nozzle for Chinese Laser Systems – 2.5″ / 63.5mm Lens