20 – 3D Laser Engraving With Greyscale

The Tangerine Tiger Series with Russ Sadler

In this Series, Russ has purchased a new 500 x 300mm, 50W laser machine from eBay with a view to modifying and upgrading it. In fact, he rips out the glass laser tube and high voltage power supply and replaces them with an RF laser source and PSU from Cloudray. Find out how the expensive RF laser source compares to a glass CO2 laser tube and prepare to get your hands dirty! So read on to learn about 3D Laser Engraving with Greyscale.

If you are considering purchasing a CO2 laser machine with an RF laser source from one of the big boy suppliers, I would suggest you check out this series before making a decision!


The RF Technology’s ability to almost instantly switch to different power levels, makes it well suited to creating a variable depth scan line. Add all these scan lines together and proper 3D engraving is the result. I have successfully mastered the process on my glass tube machine, but the PWM manner of tube control used by the RF technology appears to offer different challenges. I explained the process of “burning” wood with a laser beam in the previous session and showed that with well-chosen parameters it was possible to excavate a significant volume of wood and NOT leave a charred surface behind.

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